hey sugar rumps!

by brokeymcpoverty on February 5, 2012

wondering where i been? everywhere but here!

but it’s okay! don’t cry! you’re such an ugly crier and no one needs that right now!
if you look hard enough you can find me elsewhere. liiiiiiike

you may also find me with your moms leanin’ to it in a green Buick.

happy stalking!

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my thanksgiving, as told by tweets & twitpics

by brokeymcpoverty on November 30, 2011

hey, sugars!  i hope you’re all in the midst of the best damn holiday season you’ve ever had.  how was your thanksgiving?  mine went a little something like this:

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your granddad gave me his business card.

by brokeymcpoverty on October 20, 2011


So here’s a quick glimpse into what my life is like.

Saturday night a few weekends ago. I’m at a bar. Well, it’s technically Sunday morning, like 1, 2 am. My friends and I all notice an older man walk in wearing, like, a miniature leather safari hat. That’s the best way I can explain it. We look, we chuckle, we move on with our mozzarella sticks and assorted bar grub.

A few minutes later, I’m in line waiting for the bathroom and he just so happens to be hanging out by the door. The fact that he was just casually hanging out by the bathroom door, I think, is a good indication of this man’s level of oddness/ridiculousness. Anyway, I’m doin the pee-pee dance and walks over to me, because this is a GREAT time for conversation, apparently.

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what they don’t tell you about those diversity bake sales.

by brokeymcpoverty on September 28, 2011

So Tuesday, UC Berkeley went ahead with its purposely racist “Diversity Bake Sale.” The bake sale charges white people more for baked goods than people of color, with women getting a $0.25 discount. The purpose of this is to protest what the group sees as the racist practice of considering an applicant’s race and/or gender in the school admission process.

If you’ve been following for a whlie, you know that I went to a pretty racist school. What you don’t know is that I actually attended one such bake sale. And what else you don’t know is this: sure, minorities get discounted goods, but those goods are not created equally.

I attended the sale with a good friend of mine, Adam, a white male (I am a black female), and we noticed something interesting after reading the ingredients labels on our cupcakes (we checked after I noticed that mine was surprisingly bitter while Adam’s apparently tasted like good times and happiness). I saved the labels:

Guess which one the white folks got?

So sure. My cupcake was discounted. That’s kind of just a drop in the bucket compared to everything else I still have to digest.

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BMc EXCLUSIVE!! Ray J’s Letter from Jail!!

September 19, 2011

okay. so don’t ask me how i got this because i can’t tell you, BUT, one of my awesome sources got their hands on a piece of juiciness. so you’ve probably heard about Ray J and Fabolous’ fight and Ray J’s batshit interview by now. apparently/supposedly, the two came to blows at a club or […]

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Ask Brokey!

September 13, 2011

hey, friends! hey! welcome to the newest feature around these parts: Dear Brokey! so, i’m wise as shit, right? so i was sittin here eating around the peanuts in a bag of caramel corn and thought, “i should just tell people what to do for a living.” i believe that with all my heart and […]

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here’s what you REALLY look like drunk at the club.

September 9, 2011

remember this the next time you’re trying to remember that awesome time you had at Bob’s Buss-It-Open Boutique.     check out the interactive site to move the goggles around for yourself. and think about layin’ off the sauce a little, eh? Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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dope things happening!

September 8, 2011

it’s raining exciting news! first and foremost, congrats to GeeDee215 and the amazing PostBourgie team–we’ve officially packed our boxes, threw our clothes in some trash bags, and moved to the Huffington Post!  time for a house party!  who’s gonna do the kid n play with me?! second and secondmost, i have officially and finally got […]

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sound it out, Mr. Kelly.

August 25, 2011

just sound it out. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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giveaway of the week: Bear Fruit Hair!

August 25, 2011

win a free moisturizer/conditioner from Bear Fruit Hair! fellas, don’t feel left out!  your dusty ass hair needs some love too!  or enter & win for your boo! click here for details! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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