Beyond the Goof.

i’m silly.  everyone knows this.  but what everyone doesn’t know is that i actually write things beyond reality tv show recaps and tee hee ha-ha stuff.

i’ve been writing since i was 8 years old.  i started as soon as i knew how, sitting for hours just copying the text out of my story books (weird kid, i know).  then at 8, i wrote my first poem.  it was about halloween and it didn’t rhyme (8 years old and already too cool for rhyming poetry.  i was *deep*).

i stuck with poetry til i was about 18 when the verses just sort of dried up in my fingers.  by then i was in college and feeling all types of oppressed, so i got into journalism as a form of activism and civil action.  i liked it pretty well, and would still do it, but my heart was still in creative writing.  i tried poetry again after i graduated, enrolling in Temple University’s MFA program, concentrating on poetry.

turns out i still really hated it and withdrew after a couple of months.  since then, i’ve written a novel and dabbled in play writing, humor, sketch writing, fiction, creative non-fiction, prose, and probably just about every other writing-related genre you can think of in the name of trying to figure out exactly what it is that i want to write, and i’m still not entirely sure.

what i do know, though, is that creative writing is my number one love in the world, and the only thing i’ve ever felt like i was really good at.  i have a lot of projects going on right now–too many, probably–but the one nearest to my heart is one temporarily called “about my granny,” prose, creative non-fiction and inspired fiction about my experience in helping to care for my ailing 85 year old grandmother.  i started a tumblr to hold some of the pieces, which i’m very bad at updating.

but should you be interested, you can find it here.

thanks for reading.

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